What the papers said about . . . Welsh football

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'Wales were humiliatingly rolled over in Moldova by a team ranked 135 in the world.' Express

'Wales have known many dark days in their famously barren history, but never anything as bleak as this . . . True, there were all the ingredients for a sensation: a rousing local support, an unpredictable pitch and a home-friendly referee, not to mention the absence of most of Wales's big names. Even so, the visitors were without an excuse.' Independent

'In the Welsh Hall of Shame this European Championship reverse against a team of impoverished international rookies must rank above even the notorious defeat by Iceland 10 years ago.' Mail

'Not that they were beaten by a poor side; Moldova constantly surprised with their fleetness of mind and foot. However, world beaters they are not and Wales manager Mike Smith has been left somehow to pick up the pieces of an international team without confidence.' Telegraph

'As the Welsh players trudged off to the sanctuary of the dressing room, all around them went wild in the Republic Stadium . . . It was time to escape the embarrassment.' Times

'Wales mold over.' Mirror

'Humiliation in soccer outpost for sad Smith's side.' Western Mail

'Poor old Wales. The Moldova of the West.' Sun

'Thoroughly dejected, the most fanatical of the touring fans say they are going home to get married and buy a washing machine - nothing can be as bad as this. It won't be a happy flight home and it's not. Western Europe is fog-bound, Stansted is out of bounds, as is Prague where fuel and hot food was due to be put on board. For a time, a third night in Chisinau beckons.' Independent