What the papers said about .. Welsh rugby

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'Welsh rugby nosedived back into the pits last night and not even Neil Jenkins' world record eight penalties could spare the humiliation. With a performance bordering on the bovine, Wales added Canada to a list of shame already containing Western Samoa, Romania and 'Barbaria'.' Today

'Neil Jenkins broke the international record with his eight penalties. Big deal: it was all that could be said for Wales's abject performance last night. Just imagine if it had been the All Blacks . . . This was headless-chicken rugby familiar from recent Arms Park debacles against Romania and Western Samoa.' Independent

'What drama. Whatever Wales's World Cup football qualifier with Romania produces at Cardiff Arms Park next week, it cannot possibly match that of last night.' Times

'It is a case of going strictly back to the drawing board for a Welsh side showing scant - if any - improvement on last season . . . They seldom posed any threat to the Canadian try-line and appeared devoid of both ideas and inspiration.' Western Mail

'Wales were hanging their heads in shame last night - kicked to death by a man who is virtually one of their own.' Sun

'Inspired by Welsh Canadian Gareth Rees, who kicked 16 points, the proud visitors were consumed by a burning ambition to be recognised as a force in the world's big league.' Daily Telegraph

'Wales were last night given a painful reminder that they still belong in the second division of world rugby.' Daily Mail

'We roared with disbelief when roasted by Romania, we wailed when whipped by Western Samoa. Today we're crying over Canada . . . We saw the Dragon that ruled over Europe slain not by St George but by Johnny come lately.' South Wales Echo