What the papers said about . . . Wigan

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'The ultimate team, the ultimate test and, arguably, the ultimate win. Scoffing in Australia at the defensive soundness of English rugby league was answered by a display of endurance as immense as Wigan's achievement yesterday in taking back the World Club Challenge title from Brisbane Broncos on their fanatical home patch. This must surely banish the inferiority complex about Australian standards. Wigan absorbed the best Brisbane could muster like a sponge and washed over them in waves in attack.' Times

'The Aussies didn't bargain for a bulldog spirit which allowed the visitors to survive a thrilling final 14 minutes.' Today

'Botica steadied the ship with a 69th-minute penalty . . . And that was all they needed to hold on and kick the Broncos firmly where it hurts.' Daily Star

'We stuffed those Aussie bigheads]' Sun

'The English champions possessed a resolve and ambition that transcended the tiredness left by 45 games since the start of the season.' Guardian

'Tenacious tackling, a tremendous will to win and an abundance of sheer guts were the elements that won Wigan the trophy for the third time. Of all their successes, this was easily the most satisfying since it was achieved against enormous odds.' Daily Mail

'For years swarming Australian defences have blunted British flair. Not this time. In front of 54,000 partisan Aussies, Wigan had the razzle-dazzle on attack and threw back waves of Broncos attacks.' Daily Express

'Like it or not, even the whingeing Broncos had to admit that the cherry and whites really are No 1 club in the world.' Daily Star

'Wigan overcame the accepted odds, the absence of key players and the formidable opposition of Brisbane in their own back yard to win the right to call themselves the game's top club side.' Independent

'Winning on Australian soil before a partisan crowd of more than 54,000 must rank as an outstanding achievement.' Daily Telegraph

'Proud to be Poms.' Daily Star