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"When Graham Stuart hit the bar I felt I was waiting for a lifetime for the ball to come down. The net was there and I just had to concentrate on hitting the target. Luckily I did," Everton match-winner Paul Rideout.

"It's been a very disappointing six days for us. We had two chances to win trophies but we didn't get either of them, and that's not a nice feeling," United captain Steve Bruce.

"The town's going to be rocking tonight," Everton manager Joe Royle.

"You can't say I'm delighted for him! But he's been in the game a long time and some managers like that never get the success they deserve. After the apprenticeship Joe has served, he deserves this," United manager Alex Ferguson.

"I'm just going home to Llandudno," Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall on missing the post-match party.

"It's like a funeral in the dressing-room. Since Joe Royle took over, Everton have dug and fought all the time. Southall played really well. He's had some criticism this season and that's been very unfair, but he proved the critics wrong today - unfortunately," United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.

"He's a genius. In terms of sheer ability there was never going to be anyone out there with more than him," Royle on Anders Limpar.

"Southall had a marvellous game. He won them the Cup," Ferguson.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about. They [the saves] were nothing special," Southall.

"This is the first season for five years that we have not picked up something - and I'm pleased to say that the players are showing how much that hurts," Ferguson.

"I'm so very proud of them, that's the only word for it. I've looked around for a better one but I can't find one," Royle.

"Right now I don't think I've ever felt more gutted," United midfielder Paul Ince.

"We came here to do a job and we've done it," Southall.