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The club has won nothing since I was a boy in short pants. I've dreamed of this moment since I stood on a wooden box on the old terraces. And that really is the nuts and bolts of everything I'm talking about... our players went out there to show the Blackburn Rovers supporters that they're going to be the best.

Jack Walker before the final match of last season

I have always felt there's a scriptwriter up on a cloud somewhere who has been penning Kenny's life story. He just seems to pop up in the most incredible places to create history.

Gordon Strachan on Kenny Dalglish

People think that Rovers were a struggling little club before Kenny [Dalglish] took over. But that's extremely unfair. I had taken them to three play-

offs in a row and I signed Colin Hendry for pounds 27,000.

Don Mackay, who had guided Rovers to the brink of the Premiership before Kenny Dalglish arrived.

I had a hollow feeling when Blackburn won the championship. It is vulgar slinging pounds 60m at something and buying success that way.

John Madejski, chairman of Reading

What has happened here is a fairytale, little short of a miracle. People do not realise how far we have come. They really think we are up there with clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United, just because we won the League. We are not. We are a small-town provincial club and it is going to take three years at the top before we even start comparing ourselves to these clubs.

Ray Harford in the week before Blackburn's visit to Liverpool in September

Morale is very low. It wasn't until 3pm today, because we thought we'd maybe turned a corner. But it's another kick in the teeth and we have to show character now. They are not bad players, the majority of it is confidence.

Ray Harford after the game at Anfield ended in a 3-0 defeat

I'm not saying the dream is over. And I'm not saying they won't win a trophy again this season. But I am absolutely staggered that they haven't made more use of Jack Walker's money, that they didn't strike while the iron was at its hottest.

Kevin Keegan in September

Before the match I told my players they will be playing against 11 guys ready to fight for each other for 90 minutes - not with each other.

Oleg Romantsev, Spartak Moscow coach, after the Le Saux-Batty brawl in their Champions' League match against Blackburn