Where Are They Now?: Ken Suttle

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THE NatWest Trophy final between Sussex and Warwickshire next week is expected to generate the best part of pounds 1m. When Ken Suttle helped Sussex win the first Lord's cup final 30 summers ago, his reward was a fiver.

He prefers to recall it as an occasion when Ted Dexter was more revered than he is today. 'It was like the first Wembley Cup final, a complete revolution, like the arrival of sliced bread. Absolutely marvellous. Batting aside, Dexter was also such a good figurehead. He was the first real one-day tactician - bat first, then set defensive fields. I feel very sorry for him now but everyone looked up to him then.'

A neat left-handed batsman and agile outfielder, Suttle excelled in other fields too. Proficient enough from tee to green to be elected captain of the County Cricketers' Golf Association in 1991, he was also a spirited left-winger for Chelsea and Brighton. He made a record 423 consecutive appearances in the County Championship between 1954 and 1969. His 30,225 first-class runs included 1,000 in a season 17 times and he made 49 centuries. International recognition was fleeting. Chosen for the 1953-54 Caribbean tour, he ended up as 12th man in all five Tests.

Released by Sussex in 1971 without a testimonial, Suttle became a sports equipment agent before retiring two years ago. He still lives in West Sussex. Tomorrow is his 65th birthday.