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In his own words, Ted MacDougall followed the "typical footballer's way" after his retirement in 1980, one of many ex-professionals to see his name over the door of a public house. When, in 1985, he married for the second time his life changed direction.

With his French-Canadian wife, Lyne, whom he had met in Barbados, the most prolific of 1970s centre-forwards - he scored nine goals in Bournemouth's 11-0 FA Cup victory over Margate in 1971 - left England for Montreal, then moved to Florida, Colorado and finally Vancouver, where he has established a successful career in property development.

"I came originally to work with Alan Ball at the Whitecaps," he said. "I got into building houses in 1987. We had some people build a place for ourselves and I thought: 'I can make a mess of doing that just as well as these guys'." Now 48, he is planning a new home in a ski resort in British Columbia.

The scorer of 256 League goals in a seven-club career that also took in Manchester United, MacDougall is a coach for the British Columbia Soccer Association, and is bringing 35 youngsters to England this week to play teams from Manchester City, Bolton and Everton.

Last year, the former Scottish international was linked with a takeover bid for Bournemouth, for whom he scored almost half his goals. "I was approached and interested, but after some initial talks there was no further contact and nothing has come of it," he said.

Jon Culley