Wimbledon 1993

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EVERY WIMBLEDON creates its own history. From Laver to Borg, and Connol

ly to King, the greatest tennis championship in the world has spawned its legends. This, the year of the 100th women's singles, will be no different.

The woman most likely to win remains Steffi Graf, although whether she has the strength of mind to do so after the attack on Monica Seles is open to doubt. What chance Martina Navratilova winning the title which would take her share to a tenth of all that have ever been won? That would appeal to her. Seles's misfortune, the grimmest reminder of what it can mean to be a superstar, creates hope for others, however much they would prefer to win an event undiminished by any leading player's absence. It would be a good year for Fernandez or Sabatini, Sanchez Vicario or Capriati to add a new name to the women's roll of honour.

The men's event looks harder to call. Few tipped Andre Agassi last year, when he thrillingly proved that return-of-serve can outdo mere serve. But the odds must still favour big-hitters like Boris Becker, Michael Stich and Goran Ivanisevic. Perhaps a new name will come along: Ivanisevic, Sampras or Courier. You have to go back to 1974 and Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors to find new winners in both events in the same year. History beckons again.