Wimbledon '95: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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n I've been a prisoner in my room from everyone since this happened. It is very serious. I could be suspended for life and fined $100,000. This is terrible, outrageous stuff for standing up for something that I believe in. All I want to do now is go back to Manhattan Beach and take a rest. Tarango.

n Now I know how it feels to play the best grass court player of my generation. But I have gained such confidence from reaching the fourth round that it makes my dream of winning Wimbledon one day much more realistic. It was a stepping stone to my ultimate goal. Greg Rusedski, after defeat to Pete Sampras.

n And he knows how to play the big points - oh, he's double-faulted, the match is over. BBC commentator as Rusedski was serving to Sampras on match point.

n If they're going to get drunk and do all the things Hugh Grant's been doing, I'll be pretty cross and they won't get picked again. David Lloyd, Britain's Davis Cup captain, who has told his squad to improve fitness and demeanour for the meeting with Monaco.

n It was kind of weird out there. She's like a sister to me and we've been practising together for weeks. It's hard playing a good friend. Lindsay Davenport, after losing to fellow American, Mary Joe Fernandez.

n When I first saw him, I thought 'Wow, he's huge. I don't want to get into any battles with him'. Boris Becker, after victory over Dick Norman, the 6ft 8in Belgian.

n We practised on the court. He was really fired up. We don't know where he is. Brenda Schultz-McCarthy on Murphy Jensen. The pair defaulted from the mixed doubles after Jensen failed to turn up for their match.

n It was a wonderful occasion. The park was alive with people and there was a great atmosphere. I've lived here for 52 years and I've never seen anything so fantastic round here in my life. Peggy Cleary, 74, a local resident, after fans queueing overnight were allowed to camp in nearby Wimbledon Park rather than sleep in the streets.

n Psychologically I'm definitely 10 out of 10. Andre Agassi, after his straight-sets victory over Alexander Mronz.

n I know this is a personal question, but are you aware that your shorts are slightly transparent? Reporter to Agassi.

n No, but apparently you are. Agassi.