Wimbledon `97: Court circular

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Basuki basks in historic moment

Yesterday, out on Court Four and probably before the majority of visitors had even purchased their ground tickets, a little piece of history was being made.

Yayuk Basuki's 6-0, 7-6 fourth round win over Patricia Hy-Boulais of Canada marked the first time that an Indonesian player has ever reached the quarter-finals of the women's singles event at Wimbledon.

Football is the most popular sport in Indonesia and the number of ranked players reflect this bias. Basuki is one of only nine female players to hold a world ranking and while she enjoys being the world No 26, her nearest national rival is a massive 350 places behind her.

A spokesman from the Indonesian High Commission said that although an Indonesian used to be the Asian male No 1, he could not bring to mind a professional Indonesian player currently competing in the men's game.

Basuki, from Jakarta, said of her win: "For me, this is something special. Hopefully my country is proud of me."

To put Yayuk's mind at rest, the High Commission has confirmed that: "The Indonesian people are very proud of Yayuk's achievement. It is very hard to compete in Wimbledon today, but we are not too surprised by her success because she often beats top-ranked players."

If Yayuk continues winning, Indonesian fans will probably be able to watch her live on TV - presumably as long as it doesn't clash with a football match.

Oh I say, Vijay

Vijay Amritraj was always a bit of a smoothie - he was the perfect urbane match for Roger Moore in Octopussy in 1983 - so it's not surprising that he is a fervent admirer of the late Dan Maskell.

Amritraj, the former Indian Davis Cup player who graced many a Wimbledon and is now a television commentator himself, could not have paid The Voice of Tennis a bigger compliment than by copying his style.

The perenially smiling Indian, who used to take opponents by surprise by applauding their winners, says: "I always thought Dan was easily the best television commentator. He had this endearing habit of saying `Oh, I say' when something spectacular happened. It summed up a great shot far better than someone going on and on about it.

"So now I'm an `Oh, I say' man myself. I know Dan would not mind."


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1624 The time play was resumed after rain on Tuesday

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