Wimbledon 97: Court Circular: Legal danger to play on Sunday

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Playing on the middle Sunday is not the preferred option for the authorities. Merton Council and the Wimbledon residents have to be consulted, as do the police for there is obviously a security consideration and a legal consideration. Such was certainly the case in 1911, according to this report in the American press.

"[From our correspondent] New York, Wednesday.

"The blue laws of the State of Delaware have been responsible for an amusing state of affairs in the little Socialist colony at Arden, near Wilmington. Today Mr Upton Sinclair, celebrated as the author of The Jungle and other advanced works, was compelled to start stone-breaking in convict garb.

"Mr Sinclair and nine other leaders of the Socialist colony were arrested at the instance of an English shoemaker, named George Brown, on the charge of playing lawn tennis and baseball last Sunday."

So beware young Henman. Stick to the backgammon tomorrow, it's safer.