Winners and losers of the last seven days

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Ian Austin

Who struck a powerful blow for all sportsmen not built like greyhounds with his matchwinning efforts for Lancashire in the Benson and Hedges Cup final

Bradford Bulls

Who gave the moribund Super League the chance of a decent finish to the season by beating both the top two sides, St Helens and Wigan, in the space of a week


Riddick Bowe

Punched repeatedly in the unmentionables by a heavyweight boxer, caught in a riot caused by his own supporters and denied his purse in Thursday night's boxing farce in Madison Square Gardens.

Manchester United's travel agents

Who are unlikely to enjoy the same friendly relations with Old Trafford after one of their employees thought it would be a jolly wheeze to put "A. Shearer" on the airline passenger list for a pre-season tour

Twickenham debenture holders

Who splashed out thousands for the right to buy a ticket to internationals at Twickenham, and now find there are likely to be many fewer of them.