Winter Olympics / Ice Skating: Americans' cold war continues

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NANCY KERRIGAN and Tonya Harding skated on the same Olympic ice in Hamar yesterday but never acknowledged the other's presence.

Hundreds of reporters and photographers packed the training-rink gallery for the American figure skaters' first sporting encounter since Kerrigan was clubbed on the knee last month.

The media were there again later when Kerrigan and Harding, who denies having been involved in the attack, zipped through a second practice at the adjacent main rink.

On both occasions, there was not a single gesture of recognition as both women concentrated on the technicalities and artistry which could bring them Olympic medals.

Harding, however, has an ankle injury that could cost her Olympic glory. In the two training sessions Harding showed that the raw power was there, but the required consistency was not. The troublesome right ankle was the reason, she said after aggravating it trying the triple axel jump.

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