Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94: Day-by-day guide to the week's key events at the Winter Olympics

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TOUT has been touted as a possible British gold medallist in the four-man bobsleigh, which cannot make the driver's life any easier. He and his crew have earned the respect of the sport's best, but in an event where the difference between success and failure is measured in thousandths of a second, matching Nash and Dixon's two- man triumph of 30 years ago is a tall order. The Swiss, Germans and Austria will expect to dominate. In the women's slalom Schneider will be out to regain the title she won in 1988.

TV TIMES: BBC1: 11.45am-5.15pm Olympic Grandstand Includes the four-man bobsleigh and the women's slalom. BBC2: 5.15-7.0pm Olympic Grandstand Featuring the men's 500m short-track speed skating final.


THE concluding episode, in this series at least, of the Kerrigan- Harding story as the women's figure skating reaches its climax with the free programme. Also features a last chance to admire Witt among the 'amateur' ranks. Sideshows aside, the gold medal contest may well involve Baiul, from the Ukraine, and the Frenchwoman Bonaly. The ice hockey tournament, one of the most open for years following the break-up of the Soviet Union, reaches the semi-final stage.

TV TIMES: BBC2: 2.20-3.50pm Olympic Grandstand and Racing Includes slalom element of the men's alpine combined; 4.30-6.0pm Olympic Grandstand and World Bowls Ski jumping; 8.0- 10.30pm Women's figure skating free programme, ice hockey semi-finals.


PLENTY of British interest possible as Cobbing and Curry complete the freestyle aerials and Messrs O'Reilly and Gooch take to the ice again in the short-track speed skating's 500m heats. The defending champion Wiberg won the women's giant slalom easily at Albertville, finishing with a one- second advantage over the American Roffe. Wiberg has overcome a torn Achilles tendon to compete again, but now Roffe has tasted success in the super-giant slalom she will be out to improve on her silver medal last time.

TV TIMES: BBC2: 2.15-3.0pm freestyle aerials, women's giant slalom first run; 4.30-5.30pm Women's giant slalom second run, Team cross-country relay, women's 30km cross-country; 8.0-9.30pm Short-track speed skating.


TOMBA La Bomba will light up the men's giant slalom with his aggression and panache, which draw noisy support from adoring Italians. Watch out for his charge on the second run as he tries to add to his three gold medals from the last two Olympics by winning this title for the third successive Games. The locals will be behind Aamodt (downhill silver medallist), Jagge and Thorsen. Later the US rivals and stars of a real live soap opera, Kerrigan and Harding, take to the ice as the women's figure skating begins.

TV TIMES: BBC2: 2.15-3.0pm Highlights of the men's giant slalom, women's 1,000m speed skating, biathlon and nordic combination ski jumping; 8.0-9.0pm and 11.15-11.55 Women's figure skating and ice hockey.


WILF O'REILLY was full of himself when he competed in the short-track speed skating at the Albertville Games two years ago. He fell. Now he goes into the rough and tumble of head-to-head racing on a tight track on the back of preparations interrupted by his Dutch girlfriend's terrible accident training on the ice. This time he does not carry all Britain's hopes; Nicky Gooch is there to share with him the burden of expectation. Anything can happen when the elbows fly. More ski jumping in the team competition.

TV TIMES: BBC2: 2.15-3.0pm Team ski jumping; 4.30-5.30pm Highlights, including last night's ice dance free programme; 7.25-9.0pm Men's 1,000m short-track speed skating, plus highlights.


TIME for Torvill and Dean to face the music when they skate their free programme. There will be tears whatever happens. The women's alpine combined slalom offers the chance to see some world-class skiers looking like comparative novices as downhill specialists tackle the technicalities of gate racing in pursuit of a medal. Britain's Richard Cobbing and Jilly Curry compete in the spectacular freestyle aerials. Both have an outside chance of bringing home a medal.

TV TIMES: BBC2: 2.15-3.50pm Women's alpine combined slalom, women's 1500m speed skating, women's cross-country relay and freestyle aerials; BBC1: 7.30-9.15pm Highlights, followed by ice dance free programme; BBC2: 11.15-11.55pm Highlights of ice dance and ice hockey.


TORVILL and Dean dance their romantic rumba routine in the second stage of their pursuit of a second gold in the ice dance competition. A vital element as they will want to be in the lead going into the free routine. Rivals are the Russian couples Usova and Zhulin, and Gritschuk and Platov. The day kicks off with the 20km biathlon, in which Britain's flag- bearer, Michael Dixon, will be aiming to break into the top 10. If he does, it would be a remarkable performance. The 120m ski jumping is breathtaking.

TV TIMES: BBC2 9.55am-3.0pm Includes men's 20km biathlon, ski jumping and women's alpine combined downhill; 7.0-9.0pm Ice dance original programme, ice hockey and men's 10,000m speed skating, plus highlights.