Winter Olympics: Olympicspeak: 20 phrases to show you know what's going on

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1 I think he caught an edge there. For use when a downhill racer is lying in a crumpled heap and the television replays of his tumble are running.

2 Yes, but he wasn't quite at full stretch in his third somersault, was he? When the judges have marked a Briton down in the aerials.

3 He got a good start - that was absolutely vital. When Mark Tout and his bobsleighers manage all to run along and leap into their Zanussi at the same time.

4 Look at the height on that axel. After any jump in any figure skating competition.

5 They've got a power-play, now the Americans are in trouble. When the dust has settled following an outbreak of all-out war in the ice-hockey.

6 That's the clearest barge I've ever seen, he must be disqualified now. During the short-track speed-skating when Wilf O'Reilly and Nicky Gooch are at the back of the field.

7 Smooth. Very, very smooth. When Dan Jansen is hurtling around the last bend on his way to the world record and gold medal in the 500m speed skating.

8 He's not carving his turns enough, just wait till you see Tomba. As any slalom skier is on the piste.

9 Good gliding. During boring, flat, straight bits of the downhill.

10 What a daffy. When a competitor in the moguls suddenly leaps into the air like a startled deer and throws their arms and legs around wildly.

11 She spotted the loop, she was never able to do that before. When Katarina Witt lands safely after taking to the air in the skating.

12 Technically that was excellent. . . did you watch their hips and feet? But I just wonder if had quite enough passion. Just after Torvill and Dean have finished and before the judges have made (or ruined) the entire Games.

13 Great body-check. When an ice-hockey player is left plastered to the perspex wall around the rink.

14 It's all in the legs. Universal application to any event at any time.

15 It's that new V-style, it's aerodynamically better. As the ski-jumpers take flight.

16 He brushed the wall there. That's it, it's all over now. Half-way down the bobsleigh run when the clock shows Tout and Co are slipping out of contention.

17 Look at those knees. In admiration during the moguls, or in despair when Martin Bell is going slowly in the downhill.

18 That was never a triple lutz, it was a double salchow. When Barrie Davies gets annoying.

19 He doesn't actually ski, you know. Ditto for David Vine.

20 I can do that. All the time.