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Saturday 5 August

8.30am (BST) 400m (w) 1R

8.40am Shot put (w) Q1+Q2

8.50am Triple jump (m) Q1+Q2

9.10am 400m (m)1R

10am Hammer (m) Q1

10.05am 100m hurdles (w)1R

10.45am 100m (m) 1R

11.20am Hammer (m) Q2

2.10pm Marathon (w) FINAL

2.45pm 100m (m) 2R

3pm Long jump (w) Q1+Q2

3.15pm 800m (m) 1R

4.25pm Shot put (w) FINAL

5.15pm 100m hurdles (w) 2R

5.40pm 10,000m (m) 1R

BBC1 10.45-11.15am, 11.40-5.15pm, BBC2 5.15 - 7.20pm.


Sunday 6 August

8.30am Decathlon G1+G2

8.45am Javelin (w) Q1

9am 100m (w) 1R

9.15am High jump (m) Q1+Q2

9.20am Decathlon G1+2

9.55am 100m hurdles (w) SF

10.15am Javelin (w) Q2

10.20am 10,000m (w) 1R

11.30 Decathlon G1+G2

1.15pm Hammer (m) FINAL

2.15pm 20km Walk (m) FINAL

3.05pm 100m (m) SF

3.15pm Decathlon G1+G2

3.25pm 800m (m) SF

3.50pm Long jump (w) FINAL

3.55pm 100m (w) 2R

4.25pm 1,500m (w) 1R

5.10pm 100m hurdles (w) FINAL

5.25pm 400m (m) 2R

5.55pm 100m (m) FINAL

6.10pm 400m (w) SF

6.35pm Decathlon G1+G2

BBC2 12-5.25pm, BBC1 5.25-6.35pm.


Monday 7 August

8.30am Decathlon

9.15am Decathlon G1

10.30am Decathlon G2

11.30am Decathlon G1

1.30pm Decathlon G2

2.30pm Decathlon G1

4pm Decathlon G2

4.05pm 100m (w) SF

4.20pm Triple jump (m) FINAL

4.25pm 10km walk (w) FINAL

4.40pm 400m (m) SF

5.25pm Decathlon (m) G3

5.30pm 3,000m (m) 1R

6.25pm 100m (w) FINAL

6.40pm 400m hurdles (m) 1R

7.15pm 1,500m (w) SF

7.40pm Decathlon FINISH

BBC2 3.30-7.35pm, BBC1 8.30-9pm.


Tuesday 8 August

3pm Shot Put (m) Q1+Q2

3.30pm High jump (m) FINAL

4.05pm 400m hurdles (w)1R

4.35pm Javelin (w) FINAL

4.40pm Triple jump (w) Q1+Q2

4.45pm 800m (m) FINAL

5.05pm 400m (w) SF

5.25pm 400m (m) FINAL

6.05pm 10,000m (m) FINAL

BBC2 4-6.40pm, BBC1 8.30-9pm.


Wednesday 9 August

8.30am Heptathlon

8.35am Discus (m) Q1

9.20am 200m (w)1R

9.30am Heptathlon Q1+Q2

9.55am Discus (m) Q2

3.30pm Pole vault (m) Q1+Q2

3.45pm Heptathlon G1+Q2

4.05pm 400m hurdles (w) SF

4.25pm 1,500m (w) FINAL

4.40pm 3,000m (m) SF

5.20pm 400m (m) FINAL

5.30pm Shot put (m) FINAL

5.40pm 200m (w) 2R

6.10pm 10,000m (w) FINAL

6.55pm Heptathlon

BBC2 4-7pm, BBC1 8.30-9pm.


Thursday 10 August

8.30am Discus (w) Q1

8.40am 200m (m) 1R

8.45am Heptathlon G1+G2

9.40am 5,000m (w) 1R

10am Discus (w) Q2

2.15pm Heptathlon G1

2.45pm 50km walk (m) FINAL

3.05pm 200m (w) SF

3.25pm 800m (w) 1R

3.40pm Heptathlon G2

3.55pm Triple jump (w) FINAL

4.05pm 400m hurdles (m) FINAL

4.20pm 200m (m) 2R

4.45pm 1,500m (m) 1R

5.35pm 200m (w) FINAL

5.55pm Heptathlon FINISH

6.45pm 5,000m (m) 1R

BBC1 10.30-10.50am, 2.55-4pm, BBC2 3.55-7.30pm, BBC1 8.30-9pm.


Friday 11 August

8.30am Javelin (m) Q1

8.40am High jump (w) Q1+Q2

9.35am 110m hurdles (m) 1R

10am Javelin (m) Q2

3.15 Pole vault (m) FINAL

4.05 200m (m) SF

4.30pm 3,000m (m) FINAL

4.50pm Discus (m) FINAL

4.55pm 110m hurdles (m) 2R

5.05pm Long jump (m) Q1+Q2

5.30pm 800m (w) SF

5.50pm 400m hurdles (w) FINAL

6.05pm 1,500m (m) SF

6.45pm 200m (m) FINAL

6.55pm 5,000m (m) SF

BBC1 10.30-10.50am, BBC2 3.55-7.40pm, BBC1 8.30-9pm.


Saturday 12 August

1pm Marathon (m) FINAL

4pm Discus (w) FINAL

4.05pm 4x100m relay (m) 1R

4.40pm Long jump (m) FINAL

4.45pm 4x100m relay (w) 1R

5.20pm 110m hurdles (m) SF

5.50pm 5,000m (w) FINAL

6.20pm 4x100m relay (m) SF

6.40pm 4x100m relay (w) SF

7.05pm 110m hurdles (m) FINAL

7.20pm 4x400m relay (w) 1R

7.50pm 4x400m relay (m) 1R

BBC1 10.45-7.20pm, BBC2 7.20-8.15pm.


Sunday 13 August

2.15pm High jump (w)

3pm Javelin (m)

3.05pm 4x100m relay (w)

3.20pm 1,500m (m)

3.35pm 4x100m relay (m)

3.55pm 800m (w)

4.15pm 5,000m (m)

4.55pm 4x400m (w)

5.30pm 4x400m (m)

BBC2 12.30-6.30pm, BBC1 4.30-6pm.

1R - First round 2R - Second round SF - Semi final Q1 and Q2 - Qualifying rounds G1, G2 and G3 - Groups