World Cup 98: Quotes Of The Day

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"In the second half we played the kind of football I like and we will play it from now until the end." Brazil coach, Mario Zagallo, sending an ominous warning after his side beat Chile 4-1 on Saturday

"When we move up a gear then I'd like to see a team who can beat us... But that is fun for us. That pressure situation gives us an extra push." Germany's Jurgen Klinsmann, not to be outdone in the ominous warning stakes, before today's game with Mexico

"I'm not very impressed by Italy. It was more because we didn't play well that we lost." Norway's gracious Egil Olsen, after his side went out of the tournament

"When I saw the ball go towards Peter Shilton it was like being a kid again - I was having a laugh." Diego Maradona explains the thoughts that went through his head on scoring his `hand of God' goal 12 years ago