World Cup: Bons mots of the week

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Every player at some stage of their career has been described as having weaknesses - and I aim to find Ronaldo's.

Colin Hendry, Scotland captain

I hope to play the game of my life.

Marcelo Salas before his two goals v Italy

Football requires intelligence. It's not just a physical game.

Shoji Jo, Japanese striker

The Moroccan people and their government are standing by you. Together we are with you in our prayers and are waiting for success.

Morocco's Prime Minister, Abderrhamne El Youssfi, prior to their match against Norway

I would like to move to England. There are various teams that interest me.

Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta

I accept it in order not to stir up any trouble, although, deep down, I find it unjust.

Franck Leboeuf on being a substitute for France

If we don't get tickets soon, we're going to take the tour co-ordinator hostage. We won't kill him.

Masami Tachi, a 34-year-old Japanese housewife, who discovered that her pre-paid ticket does not exist.

It was wonderful. But I'm planning to score an even better one before the tournament ends.

Cameroon's Pierre Njanka after his extraordinary goal against Austria

If I play, I expect to score. I know I can cause anyone in the world problems. I hate losing, it is not part of my make-up.

Michael Owen, waiting to see if he will start against Tunisia