World Cup Diary: Team Spirit

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THE bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon for odd team of the week (a side of footballing musicians) goes to Paul Fergey, of east London, for this 4-3-3:

Gordon (Tony) Banks (Leicester and Genesis); Matt (Michael) Jackson (Everton), Steve (Jack) Bruce (Manchester United and Cream), Ian (Midge) Ure (Manchester United and Ultravox), Terry (Alice) Cooper (Leeds); Paul (Rod) Stewart (Liverpool); Andy (Pete) Townsend (Aston Villa and The Who), Ray (Nigel) Kennedy (Liverpool); George (Pete) Best (Manchester United and The Beatles); Paulo (Francis) Rossi (Juventus and Status Quo), Mick (Tom) Jones (Leeds).

Proof, if we needed it, that Best was a Beatle. This week's Bourbon test: a side of World Cup thespians.

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