World Cup Football: Taylor keeps his plans under wraps

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GRAHAM TAYLOR was in defiant mood after the match in Bologna, refusing to be drawn on whether he would be resigning as England manager. 'I'm a football man and I'm pretty confident I'll be one until the day I die,' he said. 'The whole thing, the speculation that's going on, is perfectly understandable when the results are not there.

'Of course you expect speculation about the position. But since the summer I have refused to enter any public debate because I think that is wrong. I shall continue to do that.

'I'm certain there will be discussions with FA officials and I'm pretty certain there will be some statement in due course. The thing I'm not going to do is fuel that speculation. I will stick to that. If other people want to do that, that is their prerogative.

'Anybody who gets to the top of their particular profession also wants to be successful when they get there. That hasn't occurred.

'We have had our 10-game series and we're not going to the World Cup. The two teams who are are the two that we dropped home points against, although we were 1-0 up against Norway and 2-0 up against Holland.'

But Taylor was pleased his side bounced back from San Marino's shock goal after just 10 seconds. 'It wasn't scripted,' he said with a smile. 'It was the last thing anybody expected.