World Cup spending expected to boost flagging sports market

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While global sales of sports clothes, shoes, and equipment fell 2% in 2009 compared to the previous year, marking the first decline since 2005, spending in the Middle East and North Africa was up and sales surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup are expected to result in a further 1% increase.

The NPD Group announced a total global sales figure of €213 million relating to sporting goods, with industry analyst Vaschalde Renaud citing "The state of the global economy and its subsequent impact on consumers worldwide".

US spending was the most affected, while Middle Eastern and North African consumers contributed to a 3% and 5% growth in their own regional markets. European spending on sporting equipment was up 1%, as was the Asian spend on footwear.

Revenue generated by the World Cup is expected to play a significant part in 2010's recovery. "We know that from past tournament years this is a key driver of sales in the football market and in turn that will help to push the overall sport market back into positive territory," said Vaschalde in closing.