YouTube most watched: Japanese Maradona's skills shown at U-17 Women's World Cup

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The Under-17 Women's World Cup might not be the most well known of FIFA's international soccer tournaments, but this week's games saw some dazzling footwork and a fine finish from Japanese player Kumi Yokoyama, evading six tackles before unleashing a semifinal strike against Korea DPR to see Japan into the final.

Kumi's goal on September 21 became the subject of both the first and eighth most watched of YouTube's sports videos for the week ending Tuesday, September 28. An exciting final on September 25 between Japan and their semifinalists' neighbor, Korea Republic, went to extra time and then penalties after a 3-3 thriller. Korea eventually won the shoot-out by 5 goals to 4.

Youth soccer enthusiasts will have to wait until 2012 for more from the best of the Women's game, when Azerbaijan accomodates the Under-17s and Vietnam hosts the Under-20s. Before that, though, Mexico and Columbia take charge of sorting men from boys in 2011's Under-17s and Under-20s competitions respectively.

Continuing the fascination with soccer, other top ten entries include Real Madrid's 3-0 defeat of Espanyol, a French-language look at one of Real Madrid's youth players Enzo Zidane - son of mercurial midfielder Zinedine Zidane, and Tomas Ujfalusi's tackle on Lionel Messi a week ago.

Other most-watched videos include Atlanta Braves fielder Matt Diaz apprehending a pitch invader, some enviable skills from the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, and a difficult conversation between SF 49ers coach Mike Singletary and Dennis O'Donnell CBS 5 Sports.

There's a scrap between the American Football team mascots as local rivals Ohio University and Ohio State University meet, and the Oregon State University football team prepare for a game against Boise State by painting their practise pitch in Boise colors. Oregon eventually lost by 24 to 37.

1) ' Maradona-style goal from the Japanese' - 1,637,728 total views
2) Ohio University Bobcat tackles Brutus Buckeye - 1,156,423 total views
3) All Blacks tricks & skill at training - Rugby Channel advert - 664,740 total views
4) 49ers coach Mike Singletary losing his cool - 640,743 total views
5) Real Madrid vs Espanyol 3-0 - 527,338 total views
6) Matt Diaz takes down an idiot fan - 504,839 total views
7) ' What's in the future for Enzo Zidane?' - 505,234 total views
8) U-17 Women's World Cup sensational goal - 529,761 total views
9) Painting Prothro blue - 316,398 total views
10) Ujfalusi's red card against Barcelona - 329,213 total views