YouTube sports charts: Incredible tricks compilation

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Heading the week's most viewed sports videos for Tuesday, November 3, is a compilation of 56 jaw-dropping clips from professionals and amateurs alike.

Among them are the Master of Business Card Throwing, waterfall diving, extreme freerunning, hoop dreams come true, and Danny Macaskill's bike stunts around the streets, parks, and monuments of historic Edinburgh.

Sportswear brand Nike secures three top ten places. Miami Heat star LeBron James considers the upcoming NBA 2010/11 season, and team-mate Dwyane Wade is Agent D3 in Bond spoof Dominate Another Day.

Cristiano Ronaldo gives us the briefest of glimpses at his new signature football boots, and appears again in a 7-minute highlight reel from Real Madrid's 6-1 encounter with Racing Santander.

More basketball as the LA Lakers receive their championship rings and unfurl their 2009/10 winners' banner, and in contact sports the WWE's legendary Undertaker give some frank post-bout advice to ex-WWE star and UFC 121 combatant Brock Lesnar.

There's a glut of second division soccer with Michael Stahl's 61-meter wondergoal in Germany, Miguel Garcia's non-fatal cardiac arrest in Spain, and William's fall down an access tunnel in Brazil.

YouTube's most watched sports videos of the week
1) People Are Awesome - 4,305,570 total views
2) Nike Basketball: LeBron Rise - 2,992,357 total views
3) WWE's Undertaker, Brock Lesnar exchange words UFC 121 - 2,526,292 total views
4) ' Michael Stahl - 61 meter goal' - 1,162,354 total views
5) ' Miguel Garcia cardiac arrest' - 869,984 total views
6) ' Ponte Preta player can't stop, falls into tunnel' - 765,950 total views
7) A message from Cristiano Ronaldo - 992,637 total views
8) Real Madrid Vs Racing Santander 6-1 - 548,212 total views
9) Lakers Ring Ceremony - 416,109 total views
10) Dwyane Wade in Dominate Another Day - 422,448 total views

Data collected November 2