YouTube sports charts: Quarterback hurdles defenceman for touchdown

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Marky Thompkins, playing in the quarterback position for East Liverpool High School football team in Ohio, leaps clear over an opposition player in order to make the end zone in an athletic feat that accrued 2.5 million views and became YouTube's most viewed sports video of the week ending October 5.

The spectacular leap wowed the crowd, but unfortunately for the Potters the play contravened state high school rules - hurdling is allowed, but not when the opposition player has one or both feet on the ground. Of course, that doesn't make Thompkins' performance any less impressive.

The top four sports videos this week were all on the subject of American football, and all focused on the high school or college game.

A 51-yard touchdown run allows Washington's Snohomish High School to show off one of its most dedicated squad members, 5ft 5in (165cm) Ike Ditzenberger. Gallaudet University's Tatum and Bean combine to keep the ball in play with a breathtaking interception, and Stanford's Owen Marecic scores twice in 13 seconds.

In soccer, the goalkeeper for Moroccan team FAR Rabat returns to the chart after another unlucky development; a magnificent goal in the Dutch league is denied because of a foul milliseconds earlier; fans of the Chicago Fire taunt the opposition with a Mario-themed banner.

Boxing's Albert Sosnowski beats Paul Butlin in the first round after Butlin is knocked down twice, rather than the usual three times required for a Technical Knock Out.

YouTube's most watched sports videos of the week:

1) East Liverpool Potters, Marky Thompkins hurdle for 6 - 2,591,208 total views
2) The Ike Special - Varsity Edition - 2,253,795 total views
3) Gallaudet Football crazy tip drill interception - 1,834,766 total views
4) Owen Marecic (Stanford) scores an offensive & defensive TD - 1,648,351 total views
5) Khalid Askri - The Unluckiest Goalkeeper Ever Is Back - 1,598,338 total views
6) ' Another blooper from the world's worst goalie' - 981,427 total views
7) A Moroccan goalkeeper Khalid Askri runs away - 528,314 total views
8) ' Magnificent goal, but the whistle was blown' - 574,335 total views
9) Sosnowski vs Butlin - - 240,969 total views
10) Section 8 Chicago - Mario Bros. display - 251,947 total views

Data collected October 5.