YouTube sports charts: Set-play fails

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A round of Euro 2012 qualifications results in a YouTube Sports top ten full of soccer fails, goals, fights, and a cheeky celebration or two for the week ending October 19.

Steven Davis, Northern Ireland midfielder, takes the number one spot in this week's chart, after he managed to topple the corner flag, knock his own ankle, and send a corner kick bobbling across the sideline in one unsmooth move.

Northern Ireland's opponents in that match were Italy, who make another appearance in the top ten at number six as a result of unsavory crowd behavior prior to and during their next qualifier, at home against Serbia.

The corner kick error is joined by another set-play mistake in second place, as in an NCAA college football game the Texas Tech team react hesitantly to an onside kick that doesn't travel the required 10 yards. The result is an embarrassing turn of play and touchdown.

Elsewhere in college football, Stanford's quarterback Andrew Luck shows that he's got more than a throwing arm, flooring the University of Southern California's Shareece Wright with an essential block.

Other soccer videos include Chris Maguire's spectacular half-way line goal for the Scottish U21 side, Ronaldinho's warm-up trickery before the AC Milan vs Ajax Champions League game, Manchester City's academy taking on futsal legend Falcao, Germany trounce Turkey, and Montenegro's leading goal-scorer Vucinic wearing his shorts as a hat.

YouTube's most watched sports videos of the week
1) ' Worst corner kick in the history of football' - 4,639,009 total views
2) Texas Tech onside kick goes horribly wrong - 4,051,606 total views
3) Ronaldinho's crazy trick - 1,455,499 total views
4) Stanford vs. USC - Andrew Luck lays out Shareece Wright - 1,084,075 total views
5) Scotland vs Iceland Goal HD from half-way line U21 - 904,097 total views
6) Italy Vs Serbia match suspended - fans brawling & riots - 660,813 total views
7) Mirko Vucinic goal celebration Montenegro v Switzerland - 559,798 total views
8) Manchester City x Falcao - 560,619 total views
9) Wisniewski obscene gesture towards Sean Avery - 549,444 total views
10) ' Germany vs Turkey 3-0 all goals & highlights' - 558,204 total views
Data collected October 19.