YouTube's most popular sports videos: Teen sensations in baseball, basketball and soccer

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The most viewed sports video on YouTube for the week ending Tuesday, July 27 was of a young baseball fan staging a one-man pitch invasion in Baltimore, Maryland, much to the delight of spectators and the apparent apathy of attendant police officers.

Back in May, a teen sprinting around the Philadelphia Phillies' outfield was chased down by players and stopped in his tracks by a police officer using an electroshock taser gun, sparking intense debate about the appropriate use of force.

This time around, Baltimore police waited for a high-spirited youth to tire himself out before closing in, leading to accusations of laziness and linking the hands-off approach to crime rates in the city (as popularized by the TV series The Wire).

Two other youngsters are also featured in the rest of this week's most viewed sporting videos.

Spanish midfielder Ezequiel Calvente scores in the European Under-19 Football Championship with an incredibly confident penalty; the Washington Wizards' 19-year-old new signing and #1 NBA Draft pick John Wall scores from the sidelines with a casual underarm layup.

Elsewhere, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's president is joined by a commentator and four top fighters to talk up the August 7 match-ups: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen, Roy Nelson vs Junior Dos Santos, and Matt Hughes vs Ricardo Almeida.

1) What Passes for Excitement at an Orioles Game - 2,934,476 total views
2) Ross Turnbull Ajax - Chelsea 3-1 video AMAZING MISTAKE - 1,559,191 total views
3) 'Ezequiel Calvente's penalty for Spain' - 1,067,928 total views
4) John Wall Drills An Amazing One Handed 3 Point Shot - 647,687 total views
5) Thierry Henry first goal for New York Red Bulls v Tottenham Hotspur - 637,444 total views
6) Amazing Calvente Penalty - 1,075,918 total views
7) UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen Preview - 625,382 total views
8) ' Chilean Primera Division B - Pedroso tries to strangle the ref' - 1,100,498 total views
9) Alberto Contador explains his feelings about Andy Schleck and himself - 443,526 total views
10) ' Sessegnon's intoxicating dribbling injures defender' - 351,536 total views