<p><strong>Rowan Atkinson - Electrical Engineering, Newcastle University</strong></p><p> Atkinson gained the highest marks in the year before going on to Oxford where he studied for an MSc – and where he fatefully met Richard Curtis. Prior to meeting Curt

From Mr Bean to Bruce Lee, here's 20 surprising celebrity degree holders

These celebrities seem to prove the adage that brains and beauty do go together, often in the most unusual combinations

Who would have thought that ditzy Phoebe off Friends holds a degree in psychobiology and is a credited researcher? Clarkson’s favourite man to mock, Captain Slow to TopGear viewers, studied with an ear for a different kind of noise. Meanwhile Kate Adie, the renowned broadcaster, took Scandinavian studies while at uni.

Our all-time favourite has to go to Mr T, of ‘Get Some Nuts’ fame, who studied maths. Bet you’ll never look at the maths students in the same way again.

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