Twitter is providing some light relief in the face of results day stress

Students across the UK have banded together to beat the widely shared combination of anxiety and dread ahead of A-Level results on social media under the hashtag #resultsdayquotes.

For many sixth formers, A-level results day will be a time of celebration and relief - but for others it will bring dismay at missing out on the grades they needed for a much-wanted degree or training course.

In light of this, tweets preparing for every eventuality have been doing the rounds on Twitter, filled with both high hopes for something to celebrate and expectations of the worst.

A desolate Woody from Toy Story can be seen in one picture as Buzz Light year says: "Disappointment. Disappointment everywhere."

Meanwhile, a still of a moustached Rachel from Friends suggests what many will be doing to celebrate or commiserate later today.


A more optimistic tweet shows jubilant Lord of the Rings characters atop a hill with the caption: "We are sitting on a field of victory enjoying a few well earned comforts."

Whatever your results are, experts say the key to dealing with your grades is moving onwards and upwards by looking at other courses available or exploring alternative opportunities. 

Dr Matthew Smith, a senior lecturer in psychology at Buckinghamshire New University, said that accepting the situation is the first step in moving forward.

"Acceptance is the key," he said. "Look to get the disappointment out of your system as soon as possible, and, although it may sound cliched, really do make an effort to look on the bright side.

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"One of the first and most important steps in getting over a blow is acceptance; the acceptance of realising that you haven't achieved what you had hoped to. This is not easy and can be challenging as it often comes as a shock to the system. But it is the first step in moving forward and turning a negative situation into one that is positive."