Spent all morning refreshing your UCAS page? You were not alone

It's been an emotional morning for many a student moving between stages of sheer panic, desperation and bursts of hope while frantically refreshing their UCAS Track page.

For sixthformers collecting their results today, one grade could be the difference between being accepted into uni and being rejected from their final choices.

Cue endless, manic browser refreshing since the early hours of this morning – despite UCAS not updating until 8am.

The trials and tribulations of UCAS delays were recorded on Twitter as the fear of being refused a place at one of their two chosen institutions proved too much to take for some.

Meanwhile, Anglia Ruskin’s student union had some wise words for those who took it all a bit too decided to spend all night refreshing the page *just in case*.

The thought of flunking A-Levels drove some to devising more imaginative Plan Bs:

While others decided to focus their energy on imagining a life without results day looming ahead of them.

Meanwhile, everyone seemed to be dreading disappointing eager parents.

Perhaps for fear the journey home could end up looking something like this:

But some considered ways of simply avoiding breaking bad news altogether.

And a few handy tips emerged for those who didn't want to discuss their grades:

Although the Twittersphere has taken an altogether more light-hearted approach to decision day, receiving disappointing results is no laughing matter for some.

Whatever your results are, remember there are other courses available and alternative opportunities to explore outside of university.

Students who have not made the grade or have not received an offer can go through the UCAS Clearing system to look at other university places available. 

Higher Apprentice schemes can provide an alternative way of entering an industry, while foundation degrees are another way of accessing university.

Taking a gap year and working could help gain much-needed work and life experience before returning to study. Anyone who is sat panicking at the thought of what to do now can ring The Exam Results Helpline number is 0808 100 8000,  or you can get advice at facebook.com/examresultshelpline or on Twitter @ERHelp

Meanwhile, those lucky few who have done better than expected can go through the Adjustment process to re-apply to some of the UK’s top universities.