New recruits: a junior technician at Harley Davidson

Ana Arendar speaks to young people who have completed their training and recently started work in the automotive industry
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I first started working at Harley Davidson on a part-time basis while I was still at college. Then, when I finished college in June this year I moved on to working as a full-time junior technician.

This job is great – it’s really diverse, and I’m learning loads of different things every day. One of my responsibilities is carrying out pre-delivery inspections, which means checking brand new bikes when they come in and setting them up so that they are ready to go out to the customers. I also do servicing on bikes, accessory fittings for customers and repair work. I see loads of amazing bikes come into the garage. Not all of them are Harley Davidsons – we get pretty much everything coming in.

Here at the garage there are many different levels, and I would ultimately like to get up to master technician level, which is the highest you can achieve. You need a minimum of five years of experience at Harley Davidson to qualify, so you have to be committed. Having got to that level, I would then like to open my own business.

TOP TIP: "College is the best way to get into the industry as it gives you a lot of the background knowledge you need, which is a huge advantage. A college can also help you secure a job."