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Fans of Reservoir Dogs (right) can now get their hands on a retail copy of the film, in widescreen version, but only in the shape of two boxed sets. The Collectors Edition (pounds 24.99), gets you the film, car stickers, badges, a pen and a copy of Joe Cabot's Little Black Book, while Mr Blonde's De Luxe Edition, contains Tarantino's guide to the making of the film, plus shades, Zippo-style lighter, switch-back comb, hair grease, dog-tags, cufflinks and toothpick-holder. All for pounds 49.99.

There are two of each edition on offer to readers. Name and address on a postcard to Independent/Reservoir Dogs Comp, Partridge and Storey, 12 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH