You’ve finished the final term of your degree. Three (or more) years of hard study, sweat and beers are consigned to the waste bin of history. So now what do you do? It’s a question that countless graduates mull over as their final days of student life drift away and the big wide world stretches out in front of them. And it’s one you shouldn’t be afraid to ask yourself either.

Sure, there are some students who have had their lives planned out from day one. You know the type; driven, focused, earnest individuals who have meticulously mapped their career path since they selected their A-levels. Well, good luck to them. But for the majority of students in higher education a definite career path is the last thing on their minds. You might have chosen a particular course because you liked (or were good) at the subject. For others the notion of continuing to study the same subject after their degree is a complete anathema.

We’ve all read the stories about plucky Honours graduates stuck on the scrapheap despite landing a top degree. Competition for jobs is tough, but there are ways you can help yourself stand out from the crowd and make yourself more employable.

Postgraduate study can be the icing on the cake after your undergraduate course, allowing you to specialise in a particular area and gain a qualification relevant to your career. And in many areas, such as law and accountancy, the only way to progress is through taking relevant exams. It’s also worth finding out if you can land a place on a graduate recruitment scheme run by many blue chip companies.

What about starting your own business? Or taking a gap year to recharge your batteries? Whatever you do there’s a wealth of opportunities out there – you just need to work out which path is right for you!