Do your research prior to interviews. Learn all about recent developments at the organisation and look up the interview panel on social media if possible, to find out more about them. This may help you relax and even provide topics to talk about

Don’t rehearse answers in too much detail as it can hamper your ability to think on your feet. You may also come across as too rigid, or get flustered if you forget your lines

Find out more about the industry you’re targeting by joining professional bodies, subscribing to industry blogs and investigating relevant discussion forums

Join professional network LinkedIn. “Employers are searching LinkedIn profiles to determine the best possible candidates. Keep your profile up-to-date and the perfect opportunity could find you,” says Faraz. A top tip to get noticed? Smile for the camera. “Adding a photo makes your profile seven times more likely to be found in searches.”

Stay on top of things with regular career management sessions. “Our research recommends nine minutes of career management a day,” says LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz. “It can be spent building your online network, maintaining relationships, or simply researching opportunities.”

Do some digital housekeeping. Make sure your privacy settings on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are where they should be – and remove the worst of the incriminating photos