The road to university can be difficult

This handy website aims to smooth your path
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Some of you will have already made your application for going to university or college in 2009; others of you will be in the throes of completing it in time for the 15 January deadline. In either case you’ll probably want all the advice and help that you can get to ensure that universities and colleges choose you to study on their course.

So if you want to be one step ahead of the competition, take a look at the yougofurther website, which takes students the extra yard to make sure that they get the most out of higher education. It offers access to UCAS advisers who are ready to answer your questions online, other students hoping to study on the same course as you, and universities and colleges, whose profiles you can check out.

This student-only site will also give you vital information and guidance about your exciting leap into higher education and advice on your finances and staying healthy.

Networking and making friends within this virtual community will help alleviate fears or apprehensions you may have about going into higher education, regardless of whether you are leaving home or not. You can discuss anything, from the courses you are thinking of studying to what it is like to live in a new area. Having said that, don’t feel as though you can only discuss going to university: you can talk about anything, from the recent hoo-ha involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to why on earth New Kids on the Block are back. In addition, the yougo team is always on hand, dipping in and out of forums to answer any queries you may have. Don’t be afraid of asking questions – they’re a friendly bunch!

It may seem like a lifetime away, but you will also find career advice preparing you for the next large milestone after university or college. When you’re ready, you can explore vacancies and get all sorts of advice regarding your potential career, as well as picking up advice from experts in our web chats and forums. The site also includes advice on any money worries you might have before or during your time at university.

You can access yougofurther as soon as you have your UCAS personal ID, for which you can register at any time. Once you’ve registered you are free to access all areas of this exciting site and to start meeting people online. So what are you waiting for – log on and get learning!

For more information and to register, go to