10 tips for Clearing

Some great Clearing tips to ease your mind at a stressful time
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  1. Get back in exam mode: swot up on alternative courses before results day
  2. If you didn’t nominate an intermediary on your Ucas application form, be around to make calls yourself
  3. Before phoning anyone, visit Track on the Ucas website to make sure you need to enter Clearing – you may still get your place
  4. If not, don’t panic! Other courses may accept your grades
  5. The most up-to-date course information will be on university websites
  6. Try to make important calls yourself. Before committing to a three-year course you need to be certain it’s the right one
  7. Avoid jumping at the first offer. Universities are as keen to fill places as you are to find one, so ask for time to consider
  8. Have all your paperwork to hand whenever you ring anyone
  9. Mull over all the options – you could re-sit, or take a year out
  10. Remember you’re not alone. Clearing places nearly 40,000 people a year