Name: Andy Owen

Age: 20

What course are you taking? A BA in French, Spanish and German.

How did you get in? My A-level results were ABCC. The requirement was BCC so I got the results I wanted.

Why did you choose Bangor? It was one of the few universities where I could study three languages. I wanted to keep up French and Spanish from A-level while also taking up a new language - German. I went to the open day and felt instantly attracted to the homeliness of the city.

How's the location of the university? Bangor is a small city and the university forms an integral part. Halls, university and the city centre are all within a 10-minute walking distance of each other. It's not too small, though; in fact it has the longest high street in Wales!

What's the general atmosphere of the campus like? Friendly! Especially in the student union - that's where we spend most of our time. The bar and club are two of the cheapest places in Bangor to drink so the atmosphere is especially good! In the spring everyone sits outside on the lawns; it's really relaxed. There's a bilingual policy but it's no problem. It influences my cultural experience but I've never felt like an outsider. I feel safe, too - the crime rate for North Wales is one of the lowest in the UK.

What are the transport links like? Bangor is so compact you can walk everywhere but buses are regular and there are trains direct to Birmingham, London and Manchester. It's only 50 minutes on the train to Chester.

What's the cost of living? Bangor is a cheap place to be a student. My halls cost £71.19 a week and I spend about £20 weekly on food. I go out two or three nights a week and spend roughly £15 each night; that goes a long way in the union. Because I can walk, I save money on transport.

How's the nightlife? Brilliant, Bangor has 52 pubs - I think that's the highest ratio of pubs to people in the UK. There are live bands at the union and a lot of student club nights with cheap deals.

A day in the life at the university would consist of... Wake up at nine for a seminar at 10. Walk back to halls midday, make lunch then back to the campus library at two for a couple of hours of private study. I find it easier to concentrate there than at halls, because there is peace and quiet. Then to a seminar at four and probably have a coffee and play some pool with my course mates. Back at halls - if the other eight people in my hall are all in - we eat together. Then to a mountaineering society meeting in the union bar to plan our next expedition!

Are there a lot of societies? Loads - anything from yoga to biscuit appreciation! We even have "Octopus", an underwater hockey team. There are many international and religious societies and the proximity to Snowdonia and the Menai straits also makes Bangor perfect for outdoor pursuits.

What's the teaching like? Excellent, the small class sizes mean teachers can recognise our strengths and weaknesses and there is always individual support available. Teachers are open; I can come to them with any problems.

What's the course structure like? There's been a good mix of continuous assessment and examination with lots of flexibility in choosing modules. The group presentations have also kept seminars interesting.

How are the university facilities? Impressive. There are lots of computers with 24-hour access and a recently upgraded gym with reduced student rate. There's also an athletics track, climbing walls and a good canteen.