Name: Hannah Langan

Age: 19

What course are you taking? Psychology BSc

How did you enter university? The requirement was CCC - I got BCD, not quite what I wanted but I got in.

Why did you choose John Moores? I've got family in Liverpool and from going to see them I already knew I loved the city. The course looked stimulating and I liked the fact it was a lively city; I'm from a small town in Cornwall and wanted a complete contrast. Liverpool's had a £2bn investment and is the new European capital of culture, so there's lots going on.

How's the location of the university? I love it. I'm always in the heart of things, right in the city centre. I can walk from home to campus in 10 minutes.

What's the general atmosphere of the campus like? Really busy and vibrant, both in the campus and city centre. It's very student friendly.

What are the transport links like? The buses aren't always that regular but I walk about anyway. I often get distracted going past the shops though; it's retail heaven! There's a night shuttle so you don't have to walk back to halls at night. The station is a short walk from the city centre. It's three hours to London.

What's the cost of living? Halls are £79 per week. My halls are by the supermarket where I spend £25 a week. We save by cooking together. I go out about four nights a week (probably too much but I love clubbing!) I spend around £15 a night.

How's the nightlife? Amazing. There's so much variety in such a condensed space. I still have so many bars and clubs to go to! The Carling Academy sees some big bands - I've seen Orson and the Kooks recently. Rawhide comedy club has some really funny acts and there are three student unions to choose from.

A day in the life at the university would consist of... Lecture at nine for two hours then lunch at the union (£2.50 for a cooked meal). Seminar at two, then I'm doing Italian outside of my degree so I have classes at four. Back to halls for an early dinner so we can start the night early! Or we might go to a film screening at the union.

Are there lots of societies? Loads! At the fresher's fair we were spoilt for choice, you can join as many as you like or start your own. I joined the skiing society; I was worried because I've never skied before, but it's been such a laugh!

What's the teaching like? I heard some snobbish comments because John Moores isn't a redbrick which lowered my expectations. That was stupid because the teaching's been impressive. It's 14 years old but that's not a bad thing. We've had guest speakers, a variety of engaging lecturers and my tutors are very supportive.

What's the course structure like? I get 12 teaching hours a week. The ratio of continuous assessment to exam is about 50:50 so I didn't get too stressed around exam time. We do practical and group exercises, presentations, and questionnaires with other students; it's not just lectures. Psychology is a large field with many different modules to choose from; the structure is quite varied especially in the second and third year.

How are the university facilities? Again, impressive. Because it's contemporary everything's new. The school of psychology building is stylish and modern with excellent computer facilities (The best educational network in Europe). There's a good gym but I prefer to use the pool.