Profile: London Metropolitan University

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Name: Lawrence Adoli

Age: 21

What course are you taking? Business Management and Finance

How did you get in? I got the necessary results.

Why did you choose London Met? I went to an open day at the university and was impressed by the level of teaching available. Also various friends of mine were going there, which helped.

How's the location of the university? There are two main campuses. My course is based in the Moorgate campus in the centre of London, which was a major factor in choosing the university.

What's the general atmosphere of the campus like? Moorgate campus has a vibrant atmosphere. The large amount of foreign students gives the campus a cosmopolitan feel and the diversity of cultures makes it an exciting place to study.

What are the transport links like? As it's in the centre of London the transport links are excellent. The campus is near Liverpool Street Station, so it's accessible by train or there is a tube station even closer to the university.

What's the cost of living? London is very expensive compared to the rest of the UK. Rent is very high but there are some areas of London that are a bit cheaper and a bit more student friendly, in that there are readily available discounts. If you're paying £70 a week, you're doing pretty well. Also the student transport discount helps but realistically, in London, most students need to work part-time. The university takes this into account and tries to accommodate it into timetables. For my course, for example, I only need to go into university three times a week.

How's the nightlife? I live near Paddington and Notting Hill Gate and there are lots of clubs nearby, offering mostly hip-hop and R'n'B nights. There's so much diversity in London to cater for any tastes.

A day in the life at the university would consist of... Studying hard, meeting new people and learning about life.

What are the societies like? I'm the founding president of the Business Engagement Society. We invite local business leaders to speak at functions organised on the campus. So far we've had the CEO of Vodafone, directors from BT and investment bankers from Morgan Stanley. The university is bustling with societies. Voluntary and charity work is especially popular among students. Also, owing to the cultural mix in the student population, cultural societies - especially African and Asian ones - are very popular.

How is the teaching support? The teaching at the university is excellent. From what I understand the teaching standard for my course is one of the highest in the UK. Not only that, but I also find lecturers and tutors approachable and always willing to help where necessary.

What are the university facilities like? There are various student canteens on the campus, which offer cheap food and some facilities like pool tables. They're very popular with the students and a great place to meet and socialise. The buildings are very modern and are in good condition.