ICG Through The Ages

ICG provides an historic look back for new members who may not know the rich history of the Institute
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At the 1992 Career Guidance conference in Lancaster, a document was distributed entitled Through the Ages: Career Guidance and the Institute.

This document listed each ICG president, conference venue and the key developments that had taken place within the Institute and the wider careers world from 1917. It was very well received by members and conference delegates.

In 2005, a revised and updated version of the document was produced and I would urge all ICG members to e-mail Simon Ashby at simon@icg-uk.org to obtain a copy. The publication will give members a great insight into the roots of the Institute and an historical perspective on how the careers world has developed.

Within this article in CGT we have listed each president and just a few of the significant developments, but for a more comprehensive look e-mail ICG for a copy today.



F Wells Bell becomes president of the Association of Juvenile Employment, and Welfare Officers (England and Wales) now had a full Constitution. Meetings were held at least twice a year with an annual meeting in London and the first annual subscription was 10 shillings.

1935 and 1936

Wale Smith proposed the Diploma in Vocational Guidance, pioneered the use of films as an aid to guidance and originated the presidential insignia. During his presidency the autumn conference changed to become a Weekend School - in 1935 at Liverpool University and in 1936 at Leeds University.


No conference took place but regional branches were formed and visited by the President.


Diploma in Vocational Guidance established with Percival Smith as its honorary registrar who reported to Margate's conference on the first examination that had been held with 20 candidates.


While Glasgow and Edinburgh YEOs had long been in membership by now, it was Edgar Jenks who in recent years attracted more widespread involvement of Scottish YEOs and took conference to Scotland for the first time.


The Employment and Training Act placed a mandatory statutory requirement upon all Local Education Authorities to provide a careers service.


Education (Scotland) Act 1980 required education authorities to provide a careers service in accordance with guidance provided by the Secretary of State for Scotland.


Decision taken to rename Institute of Careers Officers as Institute of Careers Guidance.


The 1997 Education Act placed a statutory duty upon all publicly funded schools to have a policy for careers education in years 9-11.

1923 F Wells Bell

1928 George Packwood Clarke

1929 and 1930 Ben Williams MBE

1931 Jabez Henry Capes

1932 Miss M Stuart Miller, MBE

1933/34 George Fawcett, MBE

1935/36 Joseph Wale Smith, MBE.

1937 Miss Eirene Wanstall, MBE

1938 Geoffrey Greenwell, MBE

1939-42 Percival Smith

1943/1944 George Lord

1945/46 Frank Taylor

1946/47 Ida Groves, MBE

1947/48 William Duncan, MBE

1948/49 William Duncan, MBE

1949/50 Lettice Lowe, MBE

1950/51 Edgar Brett

1951/52 Winifred Everden

1952/53 Clifford Hawkes

1953/54 Fred Davison

1954/55 Fred Hubert, MBE

1955/56 Brenda Calderwood, MBE

1956/57 Victor Bray

1957/58 Bryn Dyer, MBE

1958/59 Nancy Robinson

1959/60 Edgar Jenks

1960/61 Herbert Heginbotham, MBE

1961/62 Edgar Jenks

1962/63 Bryn Dyer, MBE

1963/64 Kathleen Lloyd

1964/65 Catherine Avent, OBE

1965/66 Leslie Coglan

1966/67 John Evernden, MBE

1967/68 Tom Black, MBE

1968/69 Paul Gillett

1969/70 Robert Blofeld, MBE

1970/71 Roni Hall, MBE

1971/72 Alfred Boughton, MBE

1972/73 John Hooley

1973/74 Victor Ahier

1974/75 Percy Walton, MBE

1975/76 Peter Gooderson, MBE

1976/77 Mary Greaves

1977/78 Frank Robinson, MBE

1978/79 David Peck

1979/80 Dermot Dick

1980/81 Kevin Devine

1981/82 Pat White

1982/83 Tom Coates, MBE

1983/84 Don Hayde

1984/85 Jeff Reynalds

1985/86 Mike Eastwood

1987/88 John Kelly

1988/89 Terry Collins

1989/90 Avril Rimmer

1990/91 Colin Thompson

1991/92 Paul Chubb

1992/93 Paul Barnes

1993/94 Rob Stokes

1994/95 Mike Clark

1995/96 Allister McGowan

1996/97 Rebecca Tee

1997/98 Stevie Martin

1998/99 Monica I Lemecha

2000/02 Malcolm Barron

2002/03 John Downing

2003/04 Chris Evans

2004/05 Liam Duffy

2005/06 M Rachel Mulvey

2006/07 Kieran Gordon