Play time! Button-bashing new releases

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Me & My Katamari

Format: PSP

Publisher: EA

Price: £34.99

In April, the excellent We Love Katamari was released on the PlayStation2. Then, in May, it was the PSP's turn to host a Katamari title. In Me & My Katamari, players create islands for homeless creatures to live on by guiding their Katamari, a ball that collects items it rolls over. The controls are intuitive and there is plenty of off-the-wall humour. The only downsides here are the small number of levels, which is a shame in such an entertaining title, and the long load times.

SOCOM 3: US Navy Seals

Format: PS2

Publisher: Sony

Price: £29.99

The latest instalment of the SOCOM series for the PS2 is a gung-ho triumph, provided you like your games to be packed to the brim with patriotic fervour. While the previous title felt at times like little more than an add-on pack to the original game in the series, SOCOM 3: US Navy Seals feels totally up-to-date. It's packed with new features too.

The Da Vinci Code

Format: GameCube / PS2 / Xbox

Publisher: 2K Games

Price: £29.99

Although its release is timed to coincide with that of the film, this console version of The Da Vinci Code is based on Dan Brown's book, rather than the movie. With a mix of action, puzzles and adventure, plus lots of exploring in chapels, galleries and cathedrals, this game is not easy, but fans of the book will love it. It also boasts a number of events that don't appear in Brown's best-selling novel, so look out for a few surprises.

Moto Racer 3: Gold Edition

Format: PC

Publisher: Nobilis

Price: £19.99

This updated version of Moto Racer 3 offers new circuits, new bikes and multiplayer modes for up to eight players. A budget price and powerful bikes make it an enjoyable enough game for Moto fans. The original title wasn't bad and although few glitches have survived the update, this is far more accomplished than its predecessor.