Catherine Rackham has a BSc in computing from Bath University and is ready to take the IT world by storm!

"At uni, everybody is your age, but when you go into the world of work you are invariably the youngest with the least amount of experience on the team. It's all about having the confidence to know that you have a lot to offer, and I am lucky that I have been hugely supported.

"I spent four years studying computing information systems, including a year's placement. When I graduated, I got a job as a service delivery manager for an IT services company.

"As a student, I did a lot of extra curricular stuff - such as organising a charity ball and helping out at Freshers' Week, and I performed in some musicals. These experiences have helped me get used to dealing with people, and have given me the confidence to get stuck in at work.

"I went to a campus university so there were always people around to talk to. These days, it is more of an effort to see friends. And I certainly can't do late-night clubbing anymore. But working has its perks: when you walk away from the office, your weekends are your own. At uni, there were always projects to do. And it's a relief to be more financially secure.

"My favourite thing about my job is seeing customers satisfied; doing what I do has a real impact on their work. Responsibility is the biggest difference now that I have a paid job, which is always challenging; there isn't a typical day at the office - and that is what I enjoy the most."