The student word: A personal take on university life

Bristol politics student Oliver Tucker tells Christine Henry about his play time, as he tries to knuckle down to the books...
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"My finals culminate in five exams and a dissertation, which we have just handed in. That was a relief - mine just scraped the word count! Now we have a paddling pool in the house so I have been mucking around in that ever since. I don't find studying easy and I don't feel very prepared. I need to start revising now. I have done a little... I am quite relaxed though, but I know I will get stressed nearer the time.

"I am not good at hitting the books unless I've got something to look forward to, so I will definitely make time to socialise. I have lots of friends on different courses, and I enjoy hanging out with them, going to the pub, playing PlayStation... the usual.

"I really like the lifestyle: living in halls of residence with your mates only two minutes away is great. I like that you can try different things that you wouldn't normally. I was a member of the gliding society last year. I only went twice but it was really fun!

"Working is naturally the next stage in life, and completing the task of getting my degree should be very satisfying. My days currently lack discipline and I am looking forward to a bit of structure and routine! I will miss the massive long summers though, and the very few hours of work.

"Socially, university has been a brilliant, life-changing experience, like growing up and stuff, and I can see a difference in myself. I think about the future and I plan to take a teacher training course, but first I will take a gap year and move to London."