A-level results 2015: There are lots of alternative options available for those students who are not choosing university, says NotGoingToUni

CEO says schools and colleges 'focus too much attention on university' - which leaves them believing it's their only option

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With A-level results day taking place across the country tomorrow – and GCSEs on 20 August – the option of enrolling on a university course is, unfortunately, becoming financially unfeasible for many young people as the cost of tuition fees and student accommodation continues to increase.

Due to this, NotGoingToUni – a website which shows young people their options outside of going to university – is allowing student to explore the extensive options available to them if they feel as though university isn’t the right choice for them.

The team has launched its sixth annual Results Day Survival Guide. A fully comprehensive document full of impartial and practical advice for school and college leavers, which is free to download, the guide outlines all the options available outside of going to university.

With an exclusive foreword by MP David Lammy, the Minister of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, the politician assures students: “You can succeed in your career if you choose the right path.”

This young student tells the guide how she went on to undertake an accountancy apprenticeship after her A-levels (via NotGoingToUni.co.uk)

NotGoingToUni hopes to demonstrate how successful those who choose not to progress into higher education can go on to be.

Holly Bentley, who is currently undertaking an accountancy apprenticeship with Kaplin, tells the guide how she was daunted when she first started her apprenticeship but that, after making inevitable mistakes, she was grateful for having learned a lot.

She adds: “It was a totally new experience and I certainly experienced a change in myself – I felt responsibility for my work and learning. I was no longer just doing it for myself. I was working and training to complete jobs for my employer and to help my colleagues too.”

CEO of NotGoingToUni, Sharon Walpole, described the two different scenarios which will take place from tomorrow as thousands of A-level students make their way to their schools and colleges to collect their results.

She said: “Alongside those thrilled with their grades and excited to begin a new chapter of their life at university, there will undoubtedly be many individuals at a loss for what to do next – and that is where the team here at NotGoingtoUni can help.”

Ms Walople said schools and colleges focus too much attention on university, which leaves many students believing higher education is their only option.

However, with the organisation’s help, she hopes young people will be given all the information they might need to make an informed choice about the next steps after school or college.

She added: “The possibilities we have on offer really are endless; we even have opportunities on our website for lucky individuals to travel to such exotic locations as Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Jamaica on conservation gap years.”