Students urged to 'remain calm' if they haven't received the grades they were hoping for this year

As A-level pass rates rise to 98.1 per cent – up by 0.1 per cent on last year – this year’s secondary school pupils have a lot to celebrate.

Ucas has confirmed that a record number of almost 410,000 students have already landed a place on their ideal course at one of the 132 universities across the UK.

However, a poll conducted by The Student Room shows some places in the UK are happier with their grades this exam results season compared with other parts of Britain.

With the overall number of students across the country averaging-out with a ‘happy’ rating of 84 per cent, here are the top happiest places this summer:

  1. Northern Ireland – 92 per cent

  2. West Midlands – 87 per cent

  3. East of England – 86 per cent

  4. Greater London – 86 per cent

  5. Scotland – 86 per cent

Wales, however, came out as being the least happy, followed by:

  1. Wales – 72 per cent

  2. North East England – 80 per cent

  3. South West England – 83 per cent

  4. North West England – 83 per cent

  5. South East England – 83 per cent

Community director for The Student Room, Jack Wallington, described how exam results season is one of the busiest and most stressful times for the over 850,000 students whose years of study will culminate with the release of this summer’s grades.

“We are thrilled that the majority of students are feeling so upbeat and positive,” he said. “If you haven’t achieved the grades you hoped for, our advice is always to remain calm.”

Trying to reassure students who are still feeling anxious, he added: “With the cap on university places lifted, there are more opportunities to study for a degree than ever before by entering Clearing.”