Chinese student armed with two meat cleavers roamed through Huddersfield University halls after Christmas Day mugging


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A Chinese student in Huddersfield has told a court that he armed himself with two meat cleavers and patrolled his halls of residence on Christmas Day because he was “scared to death” after being mugged earlier in the day.

Gingyuan Xlao, 24, admitted possession of an offensive weapon at Kirklees Magistrates Court in Huddersfield yesterday.

The court heard that Xiao was first spotted on campus CCTV at Huddersfield University, patrolling through halls bare-chested, holding a cleaver in each hand.

He was finally picked up on the street, the court heard, whereupon he told police that he was “scared to death” and “did not want to hurt anyone”.

Through an interpreter, Xiao told the court that after his wallet and jacket were stolen, he had armed himself for his own protection, and was not seeking retribution.

Prosecutor Linda Fowler  said: “There appeared to be some suggestion he had been robbed and was protecting himself.”

In mitigation, Xiao said that he had no previous convictions, and that he had finished his three-year course and had already booked flights to go home to China when his visa expires at the end of the month.

The Magistrates decided to commit the case to be heard at Leeds Crown Court at a date not yet specified.

The defendant was remanded in custody.