'Bizarre' video warns people not to copy the procedure

A dental student from Denmark decided to pull out his own wisdom tooth – and post an online video of himself doing so.

In the clip, Jesper Ryltoft, 25, sits in a chair like a normal patient and – with the aid of a mirror and colleague – yanks-out his own upper left third molar in a move that is being branded ‘bizarre’.

The student, at Aarhus School of Dentistry, said it was time for his tooth to come out anyway – and he thought it would be ‘fun’ to do it himself.

Having uploaded the video onto YouTube, he warned: “Please note: Do not attempt to do anything like this on your own.

“I am a dental student and had professional equipment and a dentist present when doing this.”

So, please don’t try this at home.

Warning – some viewers may find following the video clip disturbing: