Exam results 2015: Scotland's students take to Twitter to get Britain geared-up for results season

Mixed reactions are making-up the mood of students expecting their SQA results tomorrow

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Almost 150,000 students from across Scotland look set for a tense day and night as they anxiously await their SQA exam results tomorrow, determining which university they will be heading to after the summer.

As Skills Development Scotland prepares itself for a busy week, with pupils and parents calling its helpline to seek advice for both good and not-so-good news, the country’s students are taking to Twitter in an attempt to express their anxiety.

Some are stating the obvious:

Some look set for a very tense day/night ahead indeed:

For some, life looks set to change pretty drastically post-results:

Some are having very specific dreams:

Some seem to have been living under a rock:

The Scottish weather is a tell-tale sign for this user:

Some people just don’t have the time:

This user feels she’s had a lucky escape:

Some have other priorities to take care of:

This user is getting the country’s students prepared for something all-too-familiar:

And finally, some stellar advice to those who are overly-worried: