Hannah Morrish, education community manager at The Student Room, reassures students it's not the end if they don't get the grades they were hoping for

When you first look at your list of GCSE results, English and Maths are the key qualifications to look out for. Getting a C or above is great news, because even a C in these subjects is often requested as essential by sixth-form colleges, universities, and employers.

If you’ve missed out on the C.grade – especially if it’s by a narrow margin – you’ll want to consider applying for a re-mark or re-takes. You’re allowed to re-take English and Maths in November, but with other subjects, you’ll have to wait until the following June.

Speak immediately to the head of the sixth-form or college you wish to attend. It is often the case that colleges offer classes to prepare you to re-take these GCSEs, so it would be best to check this is available for you. If classes are not available, it may be worth checking with other local colleges to see if they offer additional classes.

People often find there are one or two subjects where their grades have slipped a little. If you’re in this category, try to focus on the positive grades you’ve received. English and Maths aside, having one or two poor GCSE grades is not going to hinder you in the future.

If you’ve performed generally under your expectations, again you shouldn’t worry. If you’ve managed to get into your sixth-form college of choice, then it’s time to look forward. Above all, do not to dwell on your results.

And if your results went well: congratulations! It’s time to celebrate, relax, and plan for what comes next. Either way, good luck on GCSE results day.