Former cricket legend and opposition leader Imran Khan / Getty Images


The nephew of Pakistani politician and cricket legend Imran Khan has apologised after he said that a man was “worse than a faggot” during his bid for presidency at his university's student union.

Hassan Niazi, who is studying for a masters degree in international human rights at City University, made the remark in a Twitter exchange with a friend.

The 25-year-old, whose uncle is also the chancellor of the University of Bradford, said that his comment was taken “out of context”.

He told the London Evening Standard: “It was taken totally out of context. I didn’t know what the word faggot meant here.

“I was making a joke with my friend on Twitter without hurting anyone. The guy I used it against was a Pakistan politician. There are lots of parodies of him portraying him in a ‘sissy’ way.

“I will never use this word again. I am someone who believes we have to respect everyone and I fight for human rights. If anyone was hurt by the comments, I’m sorry.”

The Secretary of the university’s LGBT Society Zoe Burdo added that the apology was “accepted”.

Postgraduate student Niazi has since lost his bid for presidency at the university by two votes to candidate Rima Amin, who becomes the institution’s first female president in 11 years.