Students protest the closure of their union in London / Sadie Hale

Students marching on a range of issues, including "justice for Mark Duggan"

More than 150 student protesters marched through the streets of central London yesterday demanding fairer pay and working conditions for university staff.

The demonstration, "Our University Our Streets", passed off peacefully as students made their way to the Royal Courts of Justice from the University of London Union headquarters in Bloomsbury.

Protesters had several demands including "Justice for Mark Duggan", the London Living Wage for university cleaners and “saving” ULU from privatisation.

Jamie Sweeney, a King’s College London student, said: “Although numbers were disappointing in comparison to the Cops off Campus protest, I would still say that the protest was as successful as it could have been.”

“Hopefully we can start building the momentum which has perhaps been lost over the Christmas break.”

During the two-hour march, which enjoyed minimal police presence, students chanted slogans including “no justice, no peace” and “liars, racists, murderous scum” at a police line.

The Met Police said they attempted to liaise with the protest’s organisers, but that they were “unsuccessful”.

Today’s action comes after a string of high-profile student protests in December last year, which saw 41 arrests made within a week.

A national demonstration has been planned for 29 January in Birmingham.